The Village at Griesbach is getting ready to grow, again! Before we grow, we want to hear from the community and learn about your vision and ideas:

Canada Lands Company hosted a public open house on Thursday, February 9, 2023 to present the draft Northeast Corner Master Plan. Thank you to the community for joining us to learn about the project, ask questions and provide input.  The feedback we received throughout the process will be shared in the future What We Heard report.

The information shared at the open house is available on the website here. Stay tuned for updates on the project.

Complete an online survey (now closed) to share your ideas and help shape the Master Plan for the Northeast Corner. The survey closes on July 29, 2022. Review the information display boards from our June 2022 public open house here.


The Northeast Corner offers unique opportunities for engaging with the project from its inception. The Canada Lands Company design team began the conversation within Village at Griesbach as well as among current residents and stakeholders.

Canada Lands would like to hear from you. And we want to share what we are learning through public engagement as we start building the master plan for The Northeast Corner.

We are committed to ensuring that stakeholders, communities and the public have consistent access to accurate and timely project information. The most successful projects provide meaningful opportunities to participate, to ask questions and express concerns as they arise.

Public Engagement Photo

In spring 2022, the project team launched the first round of public engagement, which included:

  • Family friendly outdoor Spring Celebration in Griesbach Central Hill Park (350+ participants) This included a large tent with storyboards and activities designed to garner feedback, an intercept survey by engagement team members, word games and prompts for children and adults.
  • An open house at a local hotel (19 participants)
  • Online survey (59 respondents)
  • Community Input Panel formation and meeting (6 participants at first meeting)
  • Stakeholder meetings

The public learned about the family friendly outdoor Spring Celebration, open house and online survey through the following:

  • Postcard mail drop sent to all households and businesses in Village at Griesbach and within 500 metres of the project area
  • Family oriented postcard hand delivered to 500 families in the community
  • Posters in windows of commercial properties, postcards in stores and restaurants
  • Social media ads: geographically targeted Instagram/Facebook ads
  • Notices in the regular community league newsletter and a special announcement sent to community league members by the community league
  • Project website update

Public engagement is still underway and a What We Heard report will be developed and shared publicly once the design webinar has concluded.

Preliminary feedback gathered from the first round of engagement is summarized as follows:

  • Community members enjoy strong community spirit, a feeling of being connected to each other and a desire to continue to create a welcoming, harmonious community. Participants noted that plans should recognize, honour and facilitate strong community connections.
  • Amenities were seen as the best way to foster community cohesion.
    • Recreational opportunities, gathering spaces and connectivity were seen as significant aspects to include in the Master Plan. Swimming, wading and water parks were the most mentioned item, followed by skating rinks and biking/walking opportunities.
    • Parks, green spaces and pathways were seen as opportunities forgathering spaces. Firepits, picnic shelters, warming huts and a community Christmas tree were highlighted as desirable amenities that did not currently exist in the community.
    • Amenities also included small scale commercial development such as a grocery store, wine bar, and restaurants.
      • Sustainability and environmental considerations were frequently mentioned. Sustainability was tagged as the most important item on the “Master Plan Vision” board.

What we’re thinking

The Canada Lands Company design team has been thinking about how The Northeast Corner can keep Village at Griesbach growing as Edmonton’s finest urban village. In 2022, we envision a master plan that:

  • Inspires a mix of employment, residential, retail, community and recreational uses
  • Encourages a range of housing options with respect to form, tenure and affordability, as well as The Northeast Corner’s sustainability in Edmonton’s real estate market
  • Identifies superior options for pedestrian and active mobility, accessibility and connectivity
  • Promotes strong connections with parks and amenities within the Village at Griesbach and with adjacent neighbourhoods and the city itself
  • Creates distinct, vibrant and thriving public spaces through exceptional placemaking and design
  • Respects the rich heritage and cultural legacy of The Northeast Corner
  • Anticipates technological advances and adapts to ‘smart city’ initiatives
  • Evolves as a model of sustainable development and principles for environmental, social and economic resilience


The Canada Lands Company design team needs to discover how to serve this community with the best possible decisions. The master plan for The Northeast Corner is not written yet. Before we get started on a first draft, we need to learn more about how and why this community hopes to grow in the next 50 years or so. There are many ways for community members to get involved as The Northeast Corner enters its development planning phase.

Here are some ways to engage with the CLC team:


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