Canada Lands Company

Canada Lands is a federal Crown corporation specializing in real estate development and attractions management. For almost 30 years, the company has developed some of the most sought-after communities in Canada while serving as the innovative steward of some of Canada’s most iconic attractions.

Community in place: Ready to grow

As part of the project, Canada Lands is working closely with The Northeast Corner’s community members and our project design team. We are ready to share project information, tools and resources designed to:

  • Help community members inform, understand and make their way through the redevelopment process
  • Help our design team invite, listen for and incorporate the diverse and local feedback that is essential to a successful project

Canada Lands Company Design Team: Strong, diverse, local

Led by B&A, Canada Lands design team has deep understanding of the region and the site, as well as broad experience in planning, design, engagement and engineering. Made in Alberta, our team members have honed their skills on national and international projects.


Our Vision for the 2050s

The Canada Lands design team’s great strength comes from our diverse experience and perspectives. We transform this diversity into strength by sharing a common vision for The Northeast Corner. Our starting point for a vision for Growing Griesbach begins with:

Accessibility for residents of all ages and abilities.

Affordability for residents with diverse economic profiles.

Choice options for living, working, learning and sharing space.

Diversity for relationships that build community connections.

Respect for past, present and future communities.

Sustainability for future generations and environmental challenges.

Following our process

Our planning process for the project will rely on two main components.

The Northeast Corner Master Plan

This descriptive roadmap will help the design team prepare the NASP Amendment proposal for future zoning. It will also provide a visual reference for future development of the neighbourhood.

The Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan (NASP) Amendment

An amendment to the City of Edmonton’s statutory policy plan for the area which will guide zoning and development.



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